Green Leaf and Bergamot Every Nook Candles
The month of October is all about being cosy and warm with a great scented candle. So, this month we have nominated Every Nook Candles as our Vendor of the Month. Read more to find out more about the brand and where it all began.

Tell us about where it all began and what inspired you to start Every Nook Candles?

 I first started thinking about Every Nook, and working on candle development in early 2018, officially launching and selling my first candle in May 2019.  Lifestyle changes due to family life motivated me to start Every Nook when I did. I had worked in buying, developing beauty ranges for retailers for many years but then moving out of London and having a young family I decided it was as good a time as any to set up my own business. Something I had been dreaming about for a while but needed a push to give it a go!

I’ve always had an interest in interior design, specifically the Mid-Century style with the bold prints and colours and how you can mix vintage and new pieces. I loved working with fragrance and packaging design in my previous job and wanted to learn a new skill, so the idea for a collection of candles was born from this.

What makes your brand unique?

I think it has to be the packaging design. I wanted to create a product that added colour and personality to a home. I am passionate about people filling their home with old and new things that have something to say about who lives there. The design can create an eclectic look, catches the eye and it doesn’t fade into the background. Using soy wax allows the candle glass to be easily cleaned so it can be re-used and I hope the print on the jar also makes it more tempting to keep, maybe to use as a pot for a small plant, to keep pens or whatever the users imagination allows! Which is great news for the environment through repurposing the packaging. Luckily, I work with a designer who I know through my previous work who can bring to life the concepts I create for each candle fragrance in a unique every nook print design.

Where do you see your brand in the next few years? Any specific goals or aspirations?

I would love to see Every Nook grow; I’d love to be able to relocate from a nook in my home to a workshop to make them! A long-term dream is a shop, a creative space where Every Nook is sold alongside vintage and retro homeware and products from other makers with a similar aesthetic. A girl can dream!

As you know Popup United is all about supporting small businesses… So as a small business what advice would you give to other small business owners who are just starting out?

I am naturally self-deprecating, so I often have to be reminded to celebrate each small win/achievement. I think this is so important when starting out. Don’t become impatient about getting to where you see your end game, take it step by step. Your first order, first positive review, first approach from a retailer about wholesale…these are all amazing feelings and steps in the right direction towards the end goal. Try and enjoy each and every one!

What is your favourite candle from the range and why?

Rosewood + Lavender. It was the first fragrance I found that worked with the every nook concept when I was developing the range. It linked to the Mid-Century inspiration via furniture design, lavender is a timeless scent, it’s a beautiful fragrance. Plus it’s my mums favourite and I can’t argue with her ?

Rosewood and Lavender Every Nook Candles.

What can we look forward to seeing? Do you have any new collaborations or new projects coming up?

I have just launched a new Black Fig + Amber fragrance, which I can now add to the Popupunited site. Fig is such a gorgeous scent. I also have another new fragrance which will launch early next year which is inspired by retro wedding bouquets which I’m so excited about as I hope next year will be full of romance with all of the weddings that sadly couldn’t go ahead this year!

What is one thing you really want the reader to know about Every Nook Candle?

I’m passionate about making a quality product that you want to enjoy as part of your home. Please share photos of your candles in their new environment, I love to see them styled and creating the gorgeous homely feel only a candle can ?

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