My partner and I spent two years working for a small but progressive NGO in Uganda. During our time out there a deep connection with the country, the life and the people kindled inside us. We worked very closely with the communities on projects that included sustainable agriculture, responsible tourism and value added coffee, as well as the handicrafts. It’s these connections that we are continuing to develop and promote through opening up opportunities for our partners to sell their items. Our inspiration definitely comes from the strengthen and determination of our partners, in particular the women!We are a small brand showcasing a collection of handmade crafts from small rural communities bordering Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – home to the endangered mountain gorillas, in southwest Uganda. We work closely with our partners to uphold the principles of fair trade, responsible tourism and sustainable community development.

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All our collection are handmade and sourced direct from the craft makers ensures that the socio-economic empowerment impact is maximised.

Women play very very important roles within the family so when you empower them with additional income from the sale of handicrafts you not only support them and their children for medical bills and school fees, but gives them a foot up financially and socially, benefiting the community as a whole.

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We love sharing the stories of our partners and their items so please get in touch via email ( – our partners are always keen to accept special request and commissions so do put their creative skills to test! Follow us on Instagram (@bwindihandmadecrafts) for the latest news and arrivals from Uganda and check out our collection on

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