Pearl Solitaires

Hi I’m ‘Tola and I’m the founder of Vivula.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved
creating things. The whole process from the moment an idea pops into my head,
gathering all the bits I’m going to need to breathe life into it; till when
it’s finally here the table all shiny and new.

I find it so amazing, exhilarating, and at times emotional. I’m always looking forward to the days I’ll be in the studio.

I’m mostly self taught, so there have been quite a few “interesting” results over time. However, these have always become learning experiences.

 I have a passion for semi-precious stones and
pearls. I’m fascinated that such beauty could occur naturally!

 I started Vivula as I needed an extra income
stream to support my family. I had been making items for myself and friends and
thought it would be a nice way to earn more.

 The bulk of my designs are one-of-a- kind,
designed and made by me, it may be slower than other processes but it means
that you get pieces that are truly unique.

 The most enjoyable part of working with
leather is the softness of most of the leather I use, and the smell which fills
my studio with it’s gorgeous smell.

 Reducing waste and sustainability is
important, so I make small items from what would otherwise be discarded and 
sourced my raw materials from vendors who know the source of their stock; and in
some cases, they produce them.

This year I began my adventure teaching myself
silversmithing, and I’m finally able to make 
my own toggle clasps for my jewellery. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and
have spent a lot of time making rings, new pearl necklaces and cuff bracelets.

In the next five years, I would love to have
my own atelier with a shop beneath, where I would run things with a small group
of likeminded staff.

For me, the most important advice I would give
a small business is to be flexible about their approach to their ultimate goal.
If things do not work, do not beat yourself up about it, but rather, analyse
the situation for what you can learn and use from it.

This season’s range is here and I hope it will
be well received. I’m looking forward to seeing how my skill as a silversmith
develops over the next year.

One of my favourites of this season’s range,
are these elegant pearl solitaires that can be worn alone or with other
stacking rings from the range.

A major part of my design process is led by

the materials I use. I use high quality materials that result in a high quality item. The aim is for my creation to not only stand out by being unique in someway, but also to bring pleasure and enjoyment to the wearer/user.

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