Founded in 2018, Popup United’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs and small independent businesses to believe in their brand.  Our platforms and pop up events aim to cultivate the right environment for opportunity, creativity and uniqueness to thrive.

The online marketplace, established in 2020, was created to connect buyers across the UK to our amazing vendors whilst giving them the opportunity to purchase a variety of products including fashion, accessories, homeware and food. It showcases the innovation and craftsmanship from some of the UK’s best small businesses and inspires other entrepreneurs to launch their dream idea.

In the new age of live shows and interviews, we have also included a Live Stream feature on our website, so that we can host interviews and live demonstrations with our vendors from the comfort of their own home.

Our ethos is all about bringing communities together to support and inspire each as well as providing ways for people to get up close and personal with the latest trendy brands. In turn this gives our customers around the world a unique and exclusive shopping experience.

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