Moving home can be an exciting yet stressful time for anyone and finding the ideal housewarming fit should be thoughtful enough your friends and family forget about their stress. If you know someone who’s recently moved or have a housewarming invite pending and you’re stuck for a unique gift idea- we’ve got you covered.

From mugs, unique artwork and lovely smelling candles pick something that will welcome them into their new home and make them feel special whilst helping a local seller too.

Say it with scents

A fail-safe housewarming gift is definitely one that will bring hours of heavenly scents long after you’ve left and with a scented gift, your loved one will feel right at home even after moving.

Whether they love lighting candles or would prefer a long-lasting wax melt set, there’s an option for all. When choosing a suitable scent, why not choose something that you feel represents them. Whether it’s a delicate floral smell or sweet warm vanilla scents, personalising their gift will show you’ve thought about them too.

'Whiskey + Vanilla soy wax candle

Delicious edibles

Who doesn’t love an edible gift and when you’ve just moved in, any tasty treat is always very welcome! Whether they’ve got a sweet tooth or enjoy more savoury flavours, food gifts are a big hit with everyone and can turn out very handy after a day of shifting heavy boxes!

If you’re choosing something in particular or want to create a personalised food basket, a hamper is a perfect gift idea to help someone move in. Remember, the kitchen is the heart of the home!


Celebrate their new space with soft furnishings

Depending on how well you know your friend or loved one, you could brave it with a soft furnished gift like a handmade cushion. If cushions aren’t their thing, why not handwoven placemats or even a piece of fun artwork. Gifting something made by a local seller not only means they’ll have a unique gift but it supports someone from the community.

Choosing something personal is a great idea if you know their style and tastes, reflecting their style in their new home.

art and decor with nice flowers and colourful pillows

Longer-lasting blooms

A very fashionable interior trend at the moment is to gift dried flowers and what better way to make sure your friend can enjoy their blooms long after they move in.

Choose a bunch that reflects their personality and a new home- something they can enjoy time and again, whilst unwinding in their new space.

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