My name is Rula and I am one half of Sayegh & Sayegh, a collaborative partnership that was established in 2017 with my sister, Ula. Inspired by intricate forms and patterns in nature, we express our interest through design. As the artist and maker, I feel it’s important not to solely mimic nature, but to use its beauty to create unique sculptural pieces and homewares.

  • At what age did you develop love for ceramics and what inspired you to go into the business

I was interested in making from a young age however, my love for ceramics developed much later while studying architecture when I had the opportunity to visit a ceramics manufacturer in Catalonia where, along with many other projects, they work on the restoration of buildings by architect Antoni Gaudí. I have always had a fascination with Gaudí and how he depicted nature through his designs.

After completing my degree, I knew I wanted to express my creativity through something more hands, on however it wasn’t until a couple of years later with Ula’s support that I started to develop my ceramics skills seriously.

  • What sacrifices have you had to take during your journey Stepping away from architecture and a stable office career has been my biggest sacrifice, but also a revelation. It pushed me to follow my passion and continue to learn and strive for success.
  • Would you say your craft is a form of therapy

When I’m at the studio my mind is always clear. Day to day issues seem unimportant and my focus is entirely on the creation at hand. Many have expressed pottery as a form of therapy, however until you experience it for yourself you won’t fully understand it’s powers to release positive energy and it’s connection to the earth.

  • What would your advice be to ceramic enthusiasts?

To ceramic enthusiasts I’d say carry on learning and dive deeper into this art form, it has so much to offer and is so versatile. I started out with little understanding of ceramics and with a relatively poor skill set however, with time and dedication, I continue to learn and improve each day.

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  • Who is your inspiration?

Mine and Ula’s collaborative inspiration comes from nature, particularly underwater creatures and rare or endangered species. We acknowledge the vulnerability of our natural world and feel we have a duty to remind humanity of its beauty through our art form.

  • Upcoming projects ( pottery classes )

I hold beginners, hand-building pottery classes, at my intimate studio in Wembley Park. The studio holds a maximum of 5 people which allows me to get to know my students and their interests, as well as to focus enough time on one-to-one teaching.

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  • Social Media handles

Our Instagram handle is @sayeghandsayegh
Our Facebook page is
Our website is
And I am always available by phone, email and WhatsApp!

Thank you to Rula for sharing your experience and inspiration in pottery. Rula is nominated for business of the month for her artistic a d authentic pieces. Her pieces will be available for commission via Popuppunited official website.