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Tell us about where it all began and what inspired you to start Mosini G Bags?

Monsini G Bags are a small team of 4 ladies with over 30 years’ experience in the fashion industry. This includes couture and lingerie. We came together at the beginning of 2019 and started experimenting and combining skills to produce amazing unique pieces. We received ongoing positive feedback and our pieces were selling out fast at numerous events including, The Voice and Afro Hair and Beauty. From this experience, Monsini G Bags decided to venture out and expand the business. 

What makes your brand unique?

All the products we produce in house are all unique in their own way. Our bags and accessories are beautiful and expertly handcrafted with full lined interior, zips and patch pockets. None of the products we produce are factory made so our customers know they are purchasing a rare bag / accessory as these are not mass produced. Monsini G Bags have a great collection that everyone and anyone can enjoy with a choice of a variety of materials including faux and real leather, metal hardware and natural fibres.

Where do you see your brand in the next few years? Any specific goals or aspirations?

The team at Monsini G Bags are extremely proud of the bags and accessories as well as the recognition we have achieved so far. This has given us the confidence to expand and create a new men’s collection which will be available very soon. Furthermore, we will be expanding the ladies collection, adding some more exciting, vibrant pieces.

Our goal in the next month is to refresh our own website where our customers are able to purchase our pieces which will create a simple and easy buying process. Another goal of ours is to be able to generate a bigger client base. 

As you know Popup United is all about supporting small businesses… So as a small business what advice would you give to other small business owners who are just starting out?

Launching a small business involves many challenges with ongoing and important decisions to be made. The choices you make can definitely affect your business for the future, so it’s vital to start off with a strong start and put your business on the path to success. So, 8 tips I would recommend for anyone would be the following: 

  1. Keep it simple – start small and narrow your focus 
  2. Speak about your business and ideas – make sure to speak confidently about your business to your peers. Marketing and networking constantly is extremely important So you must be consistent with social media including Instagram, Twitter etc. 
  3. Absorb everything – keep notes from all resources you come across and build a business plan. Do not ignore the power of advice. 
  4. Understand your industry – learn the ins and outs of your chosen sector and focus on the things you find the most difficult. 
  5. Do not give up 
  6. Communicate with your team at all times – you all need to know the direction you are headed 
  7. Create and publish great content 
  8. Surround yourself with positive people who are genuinely excited about your vision and ideas – it’s invaluable.

What is your favourite piece from the range and why?

The team’s favourite piece would be: The Peacock collection. This is our favourite collection as it’s one of our bestselling pieces as its speaks elegance and vibrancy and perfect for any occasion. 


Monsini Peacock Bag v2

What can we look forward to seeing? Do you have any new collaborations or new projects coming up?

We do! We have some new exciting collections coming out this year including: 

  1. A new men’s collection at the end of year 
  2. Autumn collection will be out very soon 

What is one thing you really want the reader to know about Monsini G Bags?

I’m glad you asked! The one thing we would like the readers to know is that Monsini G Bags are an independent black owned business based in the United Kingdom offering vibrant and quality pieces. Monsini G Bags create an international fusion and consider each piece a piece of art. 

With Love, 

Monsini G Bags

Monsini G Bags

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